Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bonkers, the baby Cockatiel

This morning, Jeff and I woke up to a call from the lady at the pet store. She told us that something had happened with the cockatiels and that the baby cockatiel we've been waiting for was fine but that it's mother could no longer take care of it. She also told us that she also wouldn't be able to take care of it. So Jeff and I decided to put on our "parenting" gear and try to take care and hand feed this tiny little baby. I had chosen the name Bonkers a month before when we first decided to get this little baby. I was hoping, however, to get him a little older. When we first arrived at the pet store we headed straight to the back where the birds are to see if we could see our new little one. The lady encharge of the pet store met up with us with a small ziploc bag box. Inside the box was our sweet little Bonkers. I can say that when I first saw him I knew that I wanted him and would do my best to take care of him. I have learned just in the hours that we've had him that I know I have lots of maternial instincts kick in and I've learned alot. I know it's an amazing feeling to look down at something so sweet and innocent, and to have it look back up at you with wonder and trust. It's lots of responsibilty, but there's lots of love behind it. I'm so glad to have Bonkers in our lives and I'm glad that I get this oppertunity to take care of him. Hand feeding him is a challenge, but I'm so glad that he's so happy when it's "food time". I love watching him just sit in his little box as he looks up at me, with trust and I look down at him in awe. Jeff and I are glad for Bonkers, and we look forward to watching him grow and becoming a great friend and "kid".

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We miss you, Gus-Gus

Wednesday, June 17 we lost our little bird, Gus-Gus. We was a sweet little bird with lots of energy, love and spunk. He loved playing with his toys and his best friend, Darla. He and Darla would do tricks in their cage, kiss and groom each other and had fun sliding down their cage. We bought him from a pet store in Provo, where I fell in love with his beautiful eyes. He was the only "brave" bird as the others in the pet store would hide in the back, Gus-Guss, on the other hand, would stay up in the front and just eat and look up at me, with those beautiful black eyes that seemed to say "love me, take me home". So of course I brought this sweet little budgie home with me. Gus-Gus will be greatly missed. We are sad that he lived a short life, but glad he had a happy life. We love you, Gus-Gus, We miss you and we look forward to seeing you again, in the next life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birdie Picnic

When I woke up this morning and saw a beautiful day outside, my mind quickly jumped to I want to have aPICNIC. So I asked Jeff if he would be alright with it and with my "tender" and "loving" persuasion he agreed. Then as my mind began to think more I was thinking how much fun it would be to have the birds outside with us, while we have the picnic. So I quickly began thinking how to have abirdiepicnic. Jeff and I decided to have the picnic out on the grass close to where we live, where we could put the bird cages on cement close to us. We set out a very stylish blanket (it had Barney on it) and brought the birds and food to the spot we chose. There we sat, ate and talked while theparakeets chirped happily and the Zebra finches tried to hide in the corner for a while until they were happy to be outside. After we were done eating we took the food down to the appartment, and Jeff set the birds out in the shade where, we sat on the swing and watched the budgies and meeps play. Budika, we discovered, is very active with playing with the toys while she's outside. She loved trying to go through a swing that has a mirror on it, but alas she was just too big for it. She also enjoyed playing with a dangaling toy that she was small enough to fit through, (Thank goodness!) To our surprise, when we brought Budika inside, she was still very active, cute and fun to watch. She was giving Buffy a run for his money! ( But don't tell Buffy I said that!) Buffy and Jasper also enjoyed the outdoors and we got several pictures of them playing and exploring this "new" land. Jasper is our garbage bird. We call him this because he often rides on Jeff's shoulder while Jeff is taking out the garbage. But Jasper got a new experience and nearly climbed up a tree. (yikes) He also had fun on Jeff's bike and on a flower holder. This was only Buffy's second time out, I think. Buffy being the little explorer he is circled the cages many times trying to find his way in. Then Jeff proceeded to put Buffy in a flower pot, on his bike, and on the swing we had been swinging on. Soon it became chilly and we brought our little "babies" inside. It was a great day and it was fun to spend it with my best friend and husband, Jeff, and our cute little feathered family.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Spike is by far our oldest bird. He has beautiful blue feathers and is a very handsome bird. He has a sweet little chirp and has a fun personality when he wants to show it. He has mites so we keep him and his cage mate, Ducky, isolated from the rest of the birds. He enjoys time out of the cage and spends lots of it under my computer desk. 


Named after the Land Before Time character, Ducky is full of personality. She’s what I would call a personality plus. Ducky likes playing with toys, her favorite treat is apple sauce, with no sugar. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and trying to play with Spike. She is currently being isolated due to the fact that her cage mate has mites so we keep them separate from the other birds until the mites clear up. Ducky loves spending time outside of her cage and is a fun little explorer when she wants to be. 


Petrie is the most wild of all of our birds. He doesn’t like to be handled in any way. He’s a tough guy, but does have a sweet side to him.  He loves being loved by Drusilla and lets her give him baths hourly. He is a fun little bird to watch and can be quite the show off bird. He is very entertaining and is a complete wild child. He likes to run and hide and is very fast. If he doesn't want to be caught he probably won't be. 


What is there to say about Darla? A whole lot!!! She is a complete sweetie. She is so adorable and cute. The thing that attracted Jeff to Darla was the fact that she has a trick. She likes to hang upside down and do little tricks and acrobatics. She’s a sweet little budgie and is full of personality. She is so sweet and has a very unique chirp. She is fun to cuddle with and watch. She does lots of fun little tricks as she plays on the dome of her cage. 

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